Low Profile Chest Rigs...An EDC Option

Low Profile Chest Rigs...An EDC Option

We probably all have a mountain of gear tucked away somewhere. Whether its a plastic bin full of tactical nylon or a drawer full of holsters, every one of us is at least guilty once or twice of finding that better mouse trap for gear. Its not always a bad thing, equipment evolves over time for a lot of reasons, be it something that's functionally better in practice or, most often for myself these days, a change in mission focus driving what I'm actually carrying.

That last part probably resonates with a great deal of folks out there. Something that fills a multitude of roles, ranging from tactical necessities to a piece of gear that aids in actual convenience. On that note, another reality is that we often buy gear that only has one purpose behind it, pulling it out for a class or trips to the field, only to stash it away as something that's nice to have...when the time arises.

One thing I've noticed over the years in teaching small unit tactics is the shift from overtly tactical gear to equipment that satisfies a wider range of functionality from that tactical role to the convenience noted above. And one of those pieces of kit that's beginning to show up in ever increasing numbers is a lightweight chest mounted kit bag. Several started showing up years back in the form of bino cases with shoulder straps, and then other companies capitalized on the idea by adding additional pockets for gear. Its a heck of a good idea, and one that doesn't scream tactical in all cases but retains that same functionality in many of the same roles.

Another reality that's important to note is travel with gear, whether you're flying or in a vehicle. By force of habit I maintain a cover for action for every piece of gear I carry, that is, a quick explanation of why I have what I have to minimize suspicion. The quicker, more to the point and plausible that explanation is, the more likely you'll talk your way out of getting hemmed up. Overt gear usually doesn't cut it in that regard, but a lower profile rig just might. And that's why these days I've got into the habit of carrying my Low Profile Kit Bag in the truck versus a full sized rig that obviously only has one purpose. That may sound silly to some, but its a very real consideration for many more than we'd care to admit. Maybe that's why the low profile designs are starting to permeate the recent crop of Hollywood spy-fi flicks.

These days that so-called 'greyman' low profile approach is favored for a lot of reasons. Not screaming tactical to the world is usually a good idea - the image we choose to project is very much how those in a working environment will judge us and that includes threat modelling whether we want to call it that or not. An overt chest rig, LCE, or traditional deuce gear doesn't really have any other purpose than what they're intended to be. On the other hand, a low profile chest pack usually won't draw much attention. Its low profile and easily explained. "Oh that's my camera bag, or my tablet case", or even in the case of a few ladies who tried the Brushbeater / Wendigo Works low profile kit bag, this is perfect for hiking with kids. Its lightweight enough to be practical while not reducing overall mobility. Exactly what we want.

Those are just a couple of the situations where you wouldn't really want or need a full on assaulter rig, but still require a multi-purpose piece of low profile gear to conveniently hold everything from a few spare mags, a map, a radio, a tourniquet and a GPS. Ours is designed for a wide variety of roles including concealed carry when running or where conventional holsters don't make sense. And I've run mine in the past Scout Course and in training around the G-camp, layering it up with a couple mag shingles in the rear pocket, and to me at least, this makes a damn fine rig for Designated Marksman's work, where you're not running more than a couple mags but require that room for observation equipment. As a Recce rig that makes a lot of sense.

Best of all our Low Profile Kit Bags are 100% American made by my friend out in Utah from American sourced materials. This is quickly becoming my everyday carry (EDC) loadout and think it will become yours too. Get yours exclusively at Brushbeater.store.

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