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Its been one hell of ride getting here. Seven, nearly eight, years since the launch of the original Brushbeater blog and look at how far we've come. Hundreds of classes, ranging from the original open enrollment Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) Course way back in March of 2017 to small unit tactics to three bestselling books. Pretty amazing to see the growth from a small blog of a disgruntled Vet to what it is today. Virtually no social media presence and fighting every day for that readership and the following its created. 

And now here we are. 

But the store in and of itself is only just now finding its legs too. We're very much in the infancy of what I aim for it to become...the one stop shop for the American Patriot. Its been said that the American Populace is the most heavily armed on earth and while that may or may not be true, I intend on putting some additional teeth behind that. 

The unprecedented success of The Guerrilla's Guide to the Baofeng Radio enabled Brushbeater Training and Consulting to jumpstart that capacity to arm you in as many ways as possible - through knowledge and professional references, through training courses in person, through social networking on the forum, and soon through equipment as well. Communications, optics, tactical trauma, you name it - we're going to have it. All in an effort to give this community of Patriots the very best. 

Ain't no savior gonna come out of thin air. Its up to you. 

I'm just getting warmed up. Join me. 

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