Nagoya Dual Band Antennas in Stock

Nagoya Dual Band Antennas in Stock

You asked for them, you got them. A lot of folks wanted a standard SMA antenna as an upgrade to their handhelds we sell through Brushbeater Store, and I listened, getting one of the best antennas in its category for the job. The Nagoya NA-24J is an extremely lightweight but incredibly flexible antenna designed for VHF/UHF handhelds. So while these aren't the brutes that the BNC Gooseneck antennas may be in my opinion, they have many other advantages in a lighter duty role without the need for an adapter. These directly thread to any model of Baofeng Radio (and the DMRs we sell as well).

Personally I'm still, and always will be, a strong advocate of using BNC adapters for reasons I cover in class to maximize versatility, but if you're not changing antennas regularly or are looking for a simple upgrade in stock performance, the NA-24J is for you.

Get yours here.

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