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4:1 Balun Dipole Center

4:1 Balun Dipole Center

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The Balun (Balanced / Unbalanced) Transformer is a critical piece of antenna design on HF frequencies. Unlike the higher bands, the antennas on HF are exceptionally large, leading to compromise in length and physical footprint. This leads to variables in matching impedance at the feedpoint and back to the radio. 

In layman's terms, this means you might want to have a transformer at the center if you're building a wire antenna on HF (and yeah, you should be!). The 4:1 takes a load of up to 200 Ohms and transforms it down to 50, making the tuner on your HF radio have to perform less work to create a match. Overall its more efficient and is why Hams usually have lots of Baluns hanging around the bench for that next antenna design. In addition it cuts down on static and common mode interference by creating a choke at the feedpoint, making shortwave reception much better on the same antennas. 

The 4:1 is my personal choice due to its versatility and I've used this design on several antenna designs I've built over the years including the multi-band dipole, sloping Vee and my favorite, the Off Center Fed (also known as the Carolina Windom): 

These are an extremely rugged yet compact design, handing 1.6-30 mHz (meaning they'll work well for that CB dipole too!) and can handle up to 1kW of power. It features a UHF antenna connector that can also be sealed with plumber's tape to fully insulate the connection. 

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    4:1 Balun Dipole Center

    It works great for an OCF dipole in my attic with wires cut to length for 20m. Using Xeigu G90 transceiver.

    Well made

    It’s very rugged and built to last. I’m Very happy with it