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ABBREE DM-F8 Digital Mobile Radio

ABBREE DM-F8 Digital Mobile Radio

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The DM-F8 is a new entry into the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) market, providing a more affordable option to those looking for the advantages of adding DMR capabilities to their communications package.

Compatible with legacy Tier I & II DMR systems as well as having the capability to transmit in analog as well, the DM-F8 features the Kenwood two-prong plug microphone jack for backwards compatibility with Baofeng accessories. It has the simplest to use interface for front panel programming that I've seen on a DMR radio yet, and relatively simple to use software for programming as well. The compact form factor and easy controls make interfacing with a chest rig simple and its build quality is superior to most other radios in its price range. The software enables encryption and the creation of full talk groups. Radios feature text messaging capability as well as voice.

These provide a solid, simple, and easy to use option for those on a budget or frustrated with more complex DMR radios.

  • FREQUENCY RANGE: 136-174 Mhz / 400-470 Mhz
  • MODES: Analog, DMR
  • SMA antenna connector / compatible with Baofeng Antenna
  • Kenwood two prong plug mic adapter
  • Rubber gaskets, splash proof (NOT waterproof...I wouldn't do a scuba insertion with it, but it'll stand up to a little rain)

Software download automatically included in purchase - if there's an issue with the automatic download, email me with your order. 


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    Customer Reviews

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    I like it

    Ordered this as my first DMR radio. Honestly, I didn't know anything about DMR other than you can text without a secondary device like is required for analog, quite a few of the local police and fire are using it, and it has a ton of memory, so basically nothing. That being said, I found this radio a little hard to program because of my ignorance of what everything you need to put in was. Like the significance & meaning of color codes, talk groups, contacts, timeslots, etc. And to top it off, there doesn't seem to be a ton of video content (which is usually how I like to learn about these things, by seeing other people do them) that explains any of that well or at least I didn't think so. They talk very generally and don't give any structured examples, mostly they seem to be selling stuff or telling you what DMR is from a technical perspective, which I understand fully, but that has no bearing on actually using it. After spending a day figuring that part out by reading a few really good articles and seeing the information I needed to program on the BrandMeister website (which took me an hour or so of reading to stumble on), I was able to successfully understand the structure and terminology of DMR and program this radio and make contact with a repeater. I also began talking on them simplex with my brother who got one too. I found out all the police & fire around were using Tier III radios, so I won't be able to listen to that with this radio, but there are some on my daily drive using Tier II and I'll try to listen in on that, but haven't yet.

    The radio is fully programmable from the unit itself, which is pretty awesome. The only thing I haven't been able to do is create a group from within the radio, but that's getting pretty comprehensive for from the menu programming and would be quite a bit of clicks. The CPP does a great job of making that easy anyway. I've tested all the features and find them to work great. That is except for encryption because I don't really know how to test it (as in attempt to break it, I know I can use it & how). One thing I've found is undersold or not even mentioned in the description is the GPS. It works great and gets a fast fix. Audio quality seems pretty good, you definitely get that digital sound but that's not the radio, it's the mode. I've used it for analog and it works/sounds great there too. If you want a good first DMR radio, I'd say this is a good option. If you already have a DMR radio, I can't really tell you because my experience with DMR is pretty stinkin low.

    The biggest downside I have noticed so far is the lack of anyone using this exact one to see examples of it. I think there is exactly 1 video on youtube and he's just reviewing it and if you search for documentation there is nothing. But Scout sends you the CPP and the manual is actually very well written. The belt clip sucks, but I'll be putting it in a radio pouch anyway so that doesn't much matter. So far I can't find how to turn off the sound when you change channels it screams the number. I swear I saw it but haven't pinned it down yet. I know there's gotta be a way though. Last thing isn't really a negative, but you can put a custom image on the boot screen and I tried to put a picture I had, but it wanted a txt file. I opened the jpg with notepad and saved as txt and put it in. Didn't work of course but was worth a shot (probably extremely dumb attempt, but hey). Nothing seems to mention what size of photo it's looking for and back to the main downside, no one is using it & sharing info. So now my boot screen is black, and I don't really care because it still works great, but would be cool if someone knew how to do that and shared.