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Baofeng Tech 25X4 25W Tri-Band Mobile

Baofeng Tech 25X4 25W Tri-Band Mobile

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The Tri-Band mobile is here! Suitable in vehicles or as a standalone base unit, these kick out 25w on max power. Its compact size lends itself well to a minimal footprint in most vehicles while still packing a a big punch.

UV-25X4 (Second Generation) 25W Mobile Two Way Radio

Second Generation

The UV-25X4 is very much the same radio, our users have come to enjoy, with several new functionality improvements. The UV-25X4 has seen several performance improvements and tweaks in its second generation release.

RJ45 Audio Input & Output

The UV-25X4 has new menus and operations that allow audio I/O from its RJ45 microphone port. This allows the UV-25X4 to be installed for custom applications, where users want more control on where the speaker and mic audio is routed to.

VOX Handsfree Support

The UV-25X4 (Second Generation) includes VOX support. VOX allows for handsfree use with your favorite audio accessories or the included handheld microphone.

  • Enhanced Audio I/O Support: The UV-25X4 features upgraded audio input/output capabilities through its RJ45 microphone port and includes a K1 audio adapter. The widely compatible K1 accessory jack allows access to a vast range of aftermarket audio accessories, tailoring your radio experience to your preferences.
  • Effortless Installation and Adaptable Use: The UV-25X4 comes with all necessary mounting hardware for smooth integration into any vehicle. Easily convert it into a home or office base station with the optional RPS-30M power supply (sold separately).
  • Suggested Accessories for Peak Performance: Optimize your UV-25X4 experience with the Nagoya TB-320A Tri-Band Antenna for easy installation and the PC04 FTDI Cable for seamless computer programming.
  • Triple-Band Functionality: Operate the UV-25X4 as multiple radios in one, using 144 MHz, 220 MHz, or 430 MHz as the primary TX/RX band, while simultaneously monitoring up to 3 other frequencies or channels. Configure your device for VHF-VHF, VHF-UHF, or UHF-UHF operation according to your needs.
  • All-Inclusive Kit: Your purchase includes the BTECH UV-25X4, RJ45 to K1 Audio Adapter, Speaker Mic, DC Cable, Radio & Mic Brackets, Mounting Hardware, and a User Guide to help you get started with your advanced radio experience.
  • Dual Watch monitoring VHF/UHF and 220Mhz: The 220 MHz band antenna lowpass filter is switched with a relay and the 2 meter lowpass filter and 70 cm highpass filters are switched with PIN diodes – resulting in a audible relay switch noise when monitoring 220MHz with VHF/UHF simultaneously. A relay that completely isolated the 220 MHz RF filter won’t impact the RF performance of the 2 meter/70 cm bands. If monitoring multiple 220MHz or VHF/UHF simultaneously the relay is not heard or used.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Great radio

    Easy to use. Good power.
    I like the K2 connector. I know of 4 people that have these radios and none of them have had any problems. The hand mic works great for operating the radio. Very small foot print.

    Thomas Barnhardt

    Great radio fast shipping.