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Brushbeater Range-R Card

Brushbeater Range-R Card

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Made in collaboration with Black Hills Designs and myself, I'm proud to offer one of the coolest products for the Guerrilla Rifleman! 

THIS IS THE NEW EDITION EXCLUSIVE TO BRUSHBEATER - Range-R cards now include 5.56 and 7.62 NATO Ballistic Drop tables, Meter-Yard Conversion table, and best of all, also serves as a Map Tool for 1:24K (UTM), 1:25K & 1:50K (MGRS) Maps. These features were incorporated at my request to create an all-in-one tool for the Rifleman in the field. I had this one made based on my own experiences operating in Iraq and Afghanistan, seeking a feature-rich tool that combines functionality and versatility in an inexpensive package. The original Range-R card was great, this one however is the game changer. 

Similar in function to the world famous PSO BDC reticle used on Combloc weaponry the RANGE-R card gives off NO thermal, IR, EM or SWIR signature. With a bombproof design and small footprint, add a Black Hills Designs RANGE-R card to your gear today. At a svelte 5.375″ x 3″, the Black Hills Designs RANGE-R Card is built to fit anywhere in your kit. The RANGE-R Card gives you the ability to range easily out to 900m without the use of electronics, emissions of any kind or dependence on GPS. The RANGE-R Card can be used as a standalone ranging solution or can be combined with traditional ranging mechanisms (Laser Range Finding, GPS, Milling, etc) to improve the accuracy of a given range. The polycarbonate card is perfectly sized for a BDU pocket. binocular pack or GP pouch. At roughly 1 oz the card disappears effortless into your kit.  The card is also an excellent instruction tool to help students develop the “eye” for ranging and can be used to develop intuitive ranging. The wide selection of Reticles available in the card also allows a user to range any object of similar height to enable crossovers in OCONUS environments.

NEW gen 2 RANGE-R Card features:
-6 Reticles including: Man (1.8m), Door (2m), Semi-Truck (3.5m) , IMF Container (2.6m), Ranch Fence (1m) and Average SUV (1.9m)
-1.5″ mini chem light slot for subdued map illumination
-Smaller footprint
-Improved optical clarity of card
-Improved overall accuracy
-Additional retention points


  1. Bite the end of the included 18” draw string and extend in front of sightline until tight.
  2. Shift target within its specific targeting slot until it touches top and bottom of the curve.
  3. Now, you have your range in hundreds of meters.

The card is graduated in meters, but has a direct conversion to yards in the center for quick translation.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    Not only just for application with my two calibers. Stays in my daily carry personal bag. Used the Range-R to estimate distances and assist in better “guesstimate” distances of other objects. Small, easy to store, zero weight. A must have.

    David Walrod

    Exactly what I was looking for.

    Robert Pooler

    Brushbeater Range-R Card

    Michael Heit
    Great tool for use in the field

    As a retired Army vet and trained in land navigation I can tell you that this is a very useful tool to have on hand. If you are in a scout unit it will be even more useful. For the average untrained person, it would be useless; therefore, the moral of the story is you need to get trained and train well. Then use this tool often so the skill set doesn't dimmish to the point that you cannot take advantage of all it offers.


    Perfect for my needs. Solid construction.