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BTECH UV-50X2 (Second Generation) Dual Band 50W Mobile Radio

BTECH UV-50X2 (Second Generation) Dual Band 50W Mobile Radio

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UV-50X2 (Second Generation) 50W Mobile Two Way Radio

Second Generation

The UV-50X2 is very much the same radio, our users have come to enjoy, with several new functionality improvements. The UV-50X2 has seen several performance improvements and tweaks in its second generation release.

RJ45 Audio Input & Output

The UV-50X2 has new menus and operations that allow audio I/O from its RJ45 microphone port. This allows the UV-50X2 to be installed for custom applications, where users want more control on where the speaker and mic audio is routed to.

VOX Handsfree Support

The UV-50X2 (Second Generation) includes VOX support. VOX allows for handsfree use with your favorite audio accessories or the included handheld microphone.

BTECH Radios are not like other similar looking radios. BTECH radios are designed in the USA with custom firmware and internal hardware differences. BTECH radios are backed with a full US support. A BTECH label means you are getting the best radio available! A few of our highlighted differences are below:

  • BTECH radios use an upgraded Power Chipset
  • Customizable PTT Return Times: When handling multiple conversations, the radio allows users to customize if the radio automatically switches to respond to active channels, or allow the user to set one channel default to transmit on.
  • Dual Synchronize Display Mode: Synchronize Up to 2 Channels – and display both their channel name and channel frequency!
  • Microphone Audio Gain Settings: Sound great and customize your microphone output for any repeater
  • Expanded Frequency Range Support
  • Auto Power Off Function: Save your battery and prevent unnecessary power draining
  • Channel Mode Editing Settings: Edit saved memory channels on-the-fly; our radio does not require you to delete a channel to make changes
  • New Scanning Modes: Auto Scan (Scan with a power reboot), Scanning Resume, and Variable Frequency Scanning
  • Quad Watch Delay Time: Allows the receiver to stay on the secondary channel longer after incoming transmission – customize the delay up to 50 seconds; This avoids manually channel switching when you are engaged with simultaneous contacts on two frequencies
  • Randomization Privacy Mode


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Good little radio

    Bought for a sxs but it hasn't left my bench yet. Have it running a comet antenna on the roof and hitting natl calling freq daily. Excellent sound and operators in neighboring towns always compliment on signal and clarity. If you're used to the baofeng menu then this one will be second nature.
    Fan does come on after roughly 1.5 minutes of transmit time, which scares me a little,but time will tell.
    Pic shows size, as compared to a 991a.
    Vendor is perfect, I've almost much bought everything listed under comms and it has all been delivered quickly, well packaged, and with some nice slaps.