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Heaven's Harvest Protein Bucket

Heaven's Harvest Protein Bucket

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Get The Nutrients Needed To Survive:

Are you looking to take your food storage to the next level? The Heaven's Harvest 132 serving Protein Booster Kit is the perfect solution for next level preparation.  With over 15,000 calories, this kit contains all the protein and amino acids your body needs - not just to survive, but thrive in any emergency situation.   

These ready made kits will save you a great deal of time and effort in any emergency situation.  Securely stored in Mylar foil pouches and sealed in a 4 gallon bucket, you'll keep your proteins clean and undisturbed from light, moisture, and pests. Just add water and allow for reconstitution and you're done.  The savory freeze-dried beef can be munched and enjoyed as snack straight out of the bag! 

This 132 Serving Protein Booster Kit is packed with 132 servings (15,660 calories).

The 132 Serving Protein Booster Kit Includes:

  • Whole Powdered Eggs - 3 Pouches with 24 Servings Each = 72 Servings
  • Freeze Dried Diced Chicken Breast - 5 Pouches with 6 Servings Each = 30 Servings
  • Freeze Dried Ground Beef - 5 Pouches with 6 Servings Each = 30 Servings
Note: You can find specific instructions on the back of every pouch.


Further Product Details:

  • 15,660 Calories
  • 132 servings of foods high in protein and amino acids
  • Beef and Chicken have 15 year shelf life
  • Eggs have a 25 year shelf life
  • Gluten Free
  • No refrigeration required
  • All servings are freeze-dried
  • Each food variety is sealed individually in Mylar foil pouches; containing 6 servings each
  • One, 4-gallon stackable bucket with handles for convenient transportation or storage in an emergency situation
  • Bucket Dimensions are 11" x 11" x 14"
  • Total weight of bucket is approximately 7 pounds
  • All food is NON-GMO and made in the USA!

How the 132 Serving Protein Booster Kit Will Help in Emergency Situations:

Having an emergency food supply is essential when the unexpected occurs. Heaven's Harvest Protein Booster Kits pair perfectly with our 72 Serving Entree Kits to bolster your food cache.   Maintaining your supply with any Heaven's Harvest emergency food storage kit will help prepare your family for any unforeseen event.

  • Flood Water: Food and supplies saturated with unpotable water.  Lack of clean drinking water. Each Heaven's Harvest kit is tightly sealed in a waterproof, 4-gallon bucket; further, the food inside is sealed in mylar foil packs. These buckets keep your food dry even after having been submerged in water.

  • Power Loss: Lack of electricity to keep food hot or cold, inability to cook on electric stove, or in microwave. If you have Heaven's Harvest food kits, there is no need for cooking - all items need only water to reconstitute, some can be eaten directly out of the package. If the power goes out, you will still be able to provide nutritious meals for your family.

  • Snowstorm:  Canned food freezes or cannot be thawed.  Even in the event of a deep freeze, our kits stand up to the test and keep your food safe. Freeze-dried foods have had 99.9% of water removed. 

What Problems Lead to Food Shortages?

In the United States food shortages can arise for the following reasons and more: 

  • Food Processing Plant Shut-downs
  • Crop decrease due to unfavorable climate conditions
  • Food demand increasing prices
  • Food supply shortage
  • Transportation blockages and employee shortages

In 2021, 33.8 million individuals were effected by food shortages in the US.  Since the global pandemic, the need to prepare with Emergency supply food has become even more apparent. 

How to Start Your Own Food Storage

At Heaven's Harvest we've researched, reviewed, and completed the groundwork. All ingredients have been hand selected from US farms and companies. Our emergency food storage kits are 100% USA produced. If you're looking to build your own emergency food storage, Heaven's Harvest has everything you need to create a healthy and fulfilling food cache and the 132 Serving Protien Booster Kit is a great kit to reinforce the essentials meals.

If you still want to DIY, check out this list to make food storage planning easier:

  • Consider the portion sizes and calories needed to sustain in a survival situation
  • Create a list of recipes that require very little preparation
  • Gather foods with a long shelf life, especially when on sale
  • Inspect expiration dates on each food item
  • Obtain waterproof containers
  • Store each meal in it's own food-safe container

You can buy food items every month and build your own food storage - but if it's becoming a bit of a daunting task, check out the various options you have with Heaven's Harvest emergency food kits.

Be Prepared for the Worst, Start Storing Food Now:

At Heaven's Harvest, our family manages emergency situations by storing freeze-dried food  - and yes, people give us strange looks too!  However, this doesn't stop us from recognizing the need to always be ready.  "Don't worry, just prepare" is our motto.  And it has helped us quite often in the last few years - hurricanes, snowstorms, power outages, Covid-19, even during the toilet paper shortage! 

Our food buckets contain essential ingredients to provide you with nutritious meals. Every item in our kit is made in the USA!  Which ensures they follow American Dietary Standards and avoid using food/packaging allergens. Freeze-drying allows food to be stored for extended lengths of time and is chemical free. Allowing you to store food at room temperature and prepare delicious meals with only water. All Heaven's Harvest long-term foods have an extended shelf-life of 25 years (beef and chicken, 15 years). As long as you have water, you can re-hydrate foods in approximately 15 minutes or less.

  • Made in USA
  • GMP


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