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Malahit DSP2 SDR Radio

Malahit DSP2 SDR Radio

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By popular demand I'm offering the Malahit DSP2 communications receiver. You wanted it, you got it!
What is it? The DSP2 represents the next generation of communications receivers. Receiving nearly everything from 10kHz - 2 Ghz, this tool is perfect for monitoring everything from broadcast AM radio to shortwave to Amateur Radio, FM broadcast, and more. Featuring a touchscreen display for quick tuning, a full color waterfall that's highly intuitive to use, and excellent sound processing, this is very much the handheld SDR many of you have been looking for. I know I have.
So why would you want one of these? Having a communications receiver on hand, especially a small handheld one, is critical not just for emergency or preparedness needs but also excellent for signals intelligence work.
Check out this video:

  • The latest firmware version 2.30 with 3.5-inch touch screen brand new genuine second-generation Malahit-DSP2 Malachite receiver
  • Malachite radio authorized by Russia, and each registration code has been filed with the Russian author. It is the latest version
  • at present, and follow-up software can be downloaded from the author at any time. The official website is upgraded.
  • Product Name: Firmware 2.30 Genuine Second Generation Malahit-DSP2 SDR Malachite Receiver Radio 10kHz-380MHz, 404MHz-2GHz
  • Basic parameters
  • Frequency range: 10kHz-380MHz, 404MHz-2GHz
  • Panorama Width: 192kHz, 96kHz, 48kHz
  • Modulation type: AM, SSB, DSB, CW, NFM, WFM
  • Sensitivity: 0.3uV up to 1GHz
  • Dynamic Bandwidth: 82dB
  • Antenna: 50 Ohm female thread female SMA connector
  • High Impedance Mode (DSP2 or DSP1 with optional board)
  • Bias Tee Active Antenna (DSP2 or DSP1 with optional board)
  • Built-in preamplifier
  • Power supply: 5000mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Screen: 3.5" touch LCD
  • Software features: Adjustable filter width
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction (NR)
  • Threshold noise reduction
  • Noise Canceller (NB)
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Automatic Notch Filter (ANF)
  • Stereo FM supports RDS analog stereo
  • Equalizer
  • Original firmware, support official website upgrade
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Model Number
Frequency Range
Storage Channel
Talk Range
Walkie Talkie Type
Digital Mobile Radio
Water Resistance Level
Product Name
Malahiteam DSP2
Frequency range
10kHz-380MHz 404MHz-2GHz
Panorama Width
192kHz 96kHz 48kHz
Modulation type
0.3uV up to 1GHz
Dynamic Bandwidth
50 Ohm female thread female SMA connector
Power supply
5000mAh lithium-ion battery
3.5" touch LCD


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Levi Garcia
    Awesome piece of tech.

    I looked at other sources for this receiver ( Amazon, ebay, alliexpress) and Brushbeater had the best price. Shipping from east coast to Arizona was quick. Look over his store if you are in the market for the type of supplies he sells. Highly recommend.

    Superior in all aspects!

    Experience with an SDR dongle/software on a PC, led me to look into a smaller size (footprint/form factor/package), and the Malahit DSP2 SDR fit that criteria. Rugged, well built, the body is outstanding. Clear display, easy to read even with old eyes. Certainly antenna-sensitive, but if you buy one you likely know which antenna to use for what, it certainly makes a difference.

    Overall, an excellent rugged, small receiver for recreational listening to some pretty sophisticated SIGINT, highly recommend this!

    Mustang sends.

    A solid communications receiver

    I have only had and been using this receiver for about a week. The info on the screen, at the base level, is intuitive. The manual that comes with it is simple but covers all you need to know about button, menu, and dial options. I have only run it with the provided antenna and reception varies wildly. I'm building some antennas and will be switiching to those within days. Only gripe thus far is that the touchscreen can be somewhat unresponsive at times and that is with using the stylus. Typically requires a tap or two when stubborn.

    I appreciate the broad frequency range and the unit seems solidly built. Comes in a nice case and is ready to roll. It does come with SMA threaded plugs so if you want to run another type of connector for your antenna, make sure to have the appropriate adapter.

    Ray Kilpatrick

    Super cool radio! Would buy again.

    Robert Rexeisen
    Excellent Product

    The receiver on this radio is at least, if not more sensitive than either my CTX-10 or FT-817 with a far greater receive range.

    You'll need to spend some time learning the menus that are intuitive once you figure out the method of the layout. The supplied menu appears to be from an earlier firmware so expect that you'll need to experiment with various modes and buttons. The save channel and scan function also works very well but again, the manual doesn't cover this operation so you'll need to figure that out. When in doubt, long press the option on the screen.

    There is some static that comes from the screen but there are menu options to reduce this noise. Likewise, creating a grounding jumper helps while on HF if you're not holding the rig. For the Hi-Z, I used (2) washers and a SMA-BNC adapter which allows for an easier and more robust antenna connection. The washer fill the gap between the base of the adapter and radio chassis while also using the chassis as additional points of contact to protect the SMA post from side loading.

    The manual does help with setting up CAT control and soundcard config on a computer. I've successfully used the rig/computer to receive/decode fldigi, JS8 and WSPR. It also comes with a CW decoder but I haven't tried that yet.

    Overall, since you should listen 99% of the time anyways, this is the perfect addition to a setup and seems like the transceiver will remain packed away most of the time