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PMR-171 SDR HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver

PMR-171 SDR HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver

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Combining the revolutionary features of the Q900 all band, all mode SDR radio with the TBR-119 mil-spec radio, the PMR-171 represents the feature-rich capabilities of both while adding a built-in battery and top-panel controls and antenna ports for backpack use. While this is *not* a rugged radio in the same way the TBR-119 is, the PMR-171 maintains the same functionality at less than half the cost. It represents a leap forward in terms of portable radio operation that's perfect for field day, SOTA, POTA, or any other outdoor activities. 

PMR-171 Features

  • Real-time spectrum.
  • Waterfall chart.
  • Doppler frequency tracking.
  • Using software-defined radio technology (SDR), full-band support FT8, USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM, DMR (optional), WFM (Receive Only).
  • Dual frequency conversion circuit structure.
  • The IF width and IF displacement hardware and software can be modified to provide powerful IF interference suppression.
  • DSP digital noise reduction.
  • Built-in (4~160) m high-speed automatic antenna tuner.
  • Built-in electronic key controller, all parameters can be set flexibly.
  • Built-in sound card with IQ and audio output.
  • Microsoft Word – PMR-171-⁄(7K„V1.0.docx
  • External battery compartment design.
  • USB TYPEC3.1 to connect to the computer
  • High-precision TXCO ± 0.5ppm (-10°C~60°C). 14. Ultra-wide working voltage range: 9~18VDC, some voltage transmission is limited
  • Power supply anti-reverse polarity protection. 16. Built-in GPS/Beidou, electronic compass (acceleration, angle sensor) (optional).
  • GPS timing (optional GPS module required). 18. The RTC clock can be set.
  • Voltage display.
  • Ultra-light weight: ≤2kg.
  • Bluetooth wireless control, Bluetooth FT8.




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