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PortaPack H2 + HackRF One V1.7.3

PortaPack H2 + HackRF One V1.7.3

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The Portapack H2 is what the FlipperZero wants to be when it grows up. One of the definitive electronic exploitation tools on the market today.

Add a PortaPack to your software defined radio HackRF, and leave your laptop behind! The PortaPack connects to your HackRF and adds an LCD touchscreen, navigation controls, headphone jack, real-time clock, micro SD card slot.

Just add a USB battery, and you're ready to explore radio spectrum wherever you are. The PortaPack firmware works with the fast ARM processors in your HackRF. No computer is needed (except for firmware reprogramming).

-3.2 inches, 240 x 320 RGB LCD with resistive touch panel.
-Four-way arrow buttons, rotary wheel and select button.
-Coin battery to preserve settings and date / time.
-Micro SD card slot for data and storage code
-SSB, AM, narrowband FM, broadband FM audio reception, with cascade spectrum.
-Broadband (18MHz) spectrum and cascade analysis.
-Monitoring of boat (AIS), automobile (TPMS), E utility counter transponder (ITRON ERT).
-HackRF mode runs HackRF firmware for use with the SDR host computer software.
-Calibration PPM for more accurate tuning.
-Sleep mode saves energy by turning off the display only.

-Your HackRF will continue to work with the computer-based SDR software when you put the PortaPack in "HackRF mode".

-PortaPack is only compatible with the HackRF Uno. It is not compatible with the first HackRF Jawbreaker design. If you have an RF shield installed on your HackRF, the PortaPack should be fine. Compatibility with the HackRF Blu is experimental. A proprietary Blu reported good results with less interference between the audio capacitors PortaPack and the mechanical header band. If your Blue HackRF doesn't have a header band installed, you should have no mechanical problems.

-PortaPack requires an external battery. Any USB-connected battery should work, although they vary widely in quality and poorly designed batteries can inject noise voltage regulator into the radio.

-PortaPack and HackRF of Un will not replace your handheld ham radio receiver. Reception sensitivity varies from band to band, but will not perform as well as a real ham radio receive

Package List:
-1 x SRD Radio (PortaPack H2+HackRF One)
-1 x Data Cable
-5 x Antennas

- The product is assembled.
- Battery is included.


Note: Available for updating to the  Latest firmware.



PortaPack H2 + HackRF One R9 V1.7.0 + 5 Antennas + Data Cable 1MHz-6GHz SDR Radio AssembledPortaPack H2 + HackRF One R9 V1.7.0 + 5 Antennas + Data Cable 1MHz-6GHz SDR Radio AssembledPortaPack H2 + HackRF One R9 V1.7.0 + 5 Antennas + Data Cable 1MHz-6GHz SDR Radio AssembledPortaPack H2 + HackRF One R9 V1.7.0 + 5 Antennas + Data Cable 1MHz-6GHz SDR Radio AssembledPortaPack H2 + HackRF One R9 V1.7.0 + 5 Antennas + Data Cable 1MHz-6GHz SDR Radio Assembled






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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    Product as described, arrived just as fast and with much better service than when buying from the large stores.


    Only issue I had was a faulty SD card, this was not due to the seller. Formatted a new one and we were good to go.

    10/10 Product & Service

    Prepped and Shipped right away, quick Delivery too.
    Nice to graduate from the Flipper, but also a solid companion.
    Everything working flawlessly and was able to upgrade to Mayhem 2.0+ with no issues.
    Would highly recommend Brushbeater Store to anyone, and would definitely shop again!

    Ronin Medical
    Great Service

    The prices are fair and the shipping is great but it is the customer support that will keep me coming back. I had a problem with the initial unit. It may have been a hardware flaw but it was equally plausible that it was me. Brushbeater listened and responded (even though he was teaching a multi day class at the time) and made things right for me. It was a level of service that I was unaccustomed to in the present times. I don’t feel the need to look elsewhere for most of my shopping.

    Amazing tool. Must have

    Must have kit for your consideration. Only drawback is that the Machines are very picky on memory cards, so don’t be discouraged if the included card doesn’t work. I used a Sandisk 32gb and it is working great.