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Q900 HF-UHF All Mode Mobile Radio

Q900 HF-UHF All Mode Mobile Radio

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I've long thought that the little Yaesu 817 series was due for a major upgrade. SDR architecture versus the old superhet, an inboard tuner, and extend the frequency ranges to cover the license-free portions of VHF & UHF for...reasons. It was an incredible little radio with one overlooked feature I'd come to really, really appreciate over the years: Single Side Band (SSB) on VHF and UHF. Why is that important?

Well, its simple. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king, so to speak, and in this case that absolutely applies to communications security (COMSEC). The overwhelming majority of communications equipment out there operates in Frequency Modulation (FM), meaning its isolated to one specific way of generating a carrier wave. For those that don't speak science that means anything in any other mode goes unheard. Security through obscurity. Enter Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Single Side Band (SSB).

SSB communications on VHF kinda went by the wayside over the years with fewer and fewer companies offering radios operating in these modes. I long thought that if someone offered a radio that did... it'd be worth its weight in gold. And here we are, in a cost effective package.

Featuring an inboard tuner and power supply, the little Q900 version 4 is perfect for backpacking and portable operations for HF through VHF and UHF. Personally I use mine as a base station unit in a retreat location as an all-in-one radio.

1. Real-time spectrum.
2. Waterfall chart.
3. frequency tracking.
4, using software-defined radio technology (SDR), -band support (optional),SSB, , RTTY, AM, FM.
5. Double frequency conversion circuit structure.
6. IF width and IF shift hardware and software can be modified to powerful IF interference suppression.
7. DSP digital noise reduction.
8. Built-in 160-6 high-speed automatic antenna .
9. Built-in bluetooth.
10. Built-in sound card with IQ and audio output.
11. Built-in 4.9AH batter.
12. USB TYPEC3.1 interface for power supply and computer connection.
13. High precision TXCO ± 0.5ppm (-10-60 ℃).
14. Ultra-wide working range: 5-32VDC.
15. Power supply reverse connect protection.
16. GPS / BeiDou, electronic compass (acceleration, angle sensor) are optional. The standard kit does not include the above modules.
17. GPS time service (requires optional GPS module).
18. Built-in UTC clock.
19. display.
20. Phone APP remote operation.(Support English)
21. LAN remote operation

color: Black
Material: Metal + Plastic

Package Contents:
1 x Q900 Transceiver set


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