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Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) 3-Day Course - 2-4 AUG North Carolina

Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) 3-Day Course - 2-4 AUG North Carolina

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The Radio Telephone Operator's Course (RTO) is the communications course for austere and unconventional environments. Designed to teach students how to first create communications where there otherwise would be none using commonly found equipment in any working environment in any corner of the world. Starting at literally the ground and working our way up, students not only learn the real-world application of communications based on combat-proven methods but gain replicatable skills in doing so.  This is NOT a "ham" radio course.

RTO Course covers:

  • Understanding frequency ranges of common / off the shelf equipment
  • Creating a Signals Operation Instruction (SOI) for any environment
  • Proper Communications techniques for both brevity and clarity
  • Basics of antenna theory
  • Improvised wire antenna construction
  • High Frequency (HF) radio theory and operation
  • Practical exercises demonstrating student competency in each task covered

Advanced RTO Course covers:

  • Communications Security (COMSEC) techniques
  • Advanced improvised wire antennas
  • Digital communications
  • Encryption utilizing Trigrams and One Time Pad (OTP)

Equipment requirements:

  • Notebook
  • Any communications equipment the student wants to bring

There is no required equipment or prior knowledge necessary to attend the course, however any equipment the students have they're more than welcome to bring. We will be using it.

Course fee includes course handbook and Brushbeater Patch to be awarded at the conclusion of class. Course location is given upon registration.

*Course registrations are refundable only at the discretion of Brushbeater Training and Consulting.


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