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Tactical Communications Noise Cancelling Headset w/ Baofeng PTT

Tactical Communications Noise Cancelling Headset w/ Baofeng PTT

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Tactical Communications noise cancelling headset with AA-battery powered enhanced hearing. Ships with Kenwood / Baofeng two prong PTT. No external pre-amps or additional accessories required. These are designed to work specifically with Baofeng radios and I sought this specific solution due to customer demand. 

This is the tactical solution for many looking to integrate a tactical communications headset to their equipment loadout with minimal issues or workarounds. 


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    Jason Dunn

    Tactical Communications Noise Cancelling Headset w/ Baofeng PTT

    Excellent bit of kit

    I have Peltor Comtac III & IV, and have been using for many years. These are Fantastic! Keep in mind that these are $90 each VS $1200 or more per set and be a realist. They may not be Milspec/waterproof/shockproof or any other proof...however, you get noise-cancelling headset with radio pass-hrough, Baofeng PTT is included (our "real" PTTs alone were $250). Build quality and electronic performance is not up to Comtac standards...but these work really really well. AT the risk of being repetitive....BUY THESE and enjoy.
    Vee Eff One Five Four signing off

    Pat O’Connor
    They actually work pretty damn good!

    Tested the 2 I ordered with the wife on Monday. I figured “it’s airsoft.. how good could they be?” The PTT assembly is sturdy and solid. The headsets seem the same. I gave my Peltors to my son years ago. These are a bit lighter, but the voice quality is good. I haven’t shot with them yet… I would NEVER use my Peltor, Motorola, or any other ancillary equipment without the old standby… ziplock bags. Just paranoid in the rain I suppose. These are no different. I’ll cover them up… and not tempt fate.
    So far. You can’t go wrong for the money. I was more concerned with the radio side than the shooting side. Worst case. You get great ear pro but still hear crystal clear how you should have folded the laundry or not given beer to the Rottweiler… I’ll probably order 2 more!

    he Tactical Communications Noise Cancelling Headset the Baofeng of Headsets?

    Its the Z-TAC Comtac Gen 3 which is an alternative to the Peltor Comtac. I don't want to say its a clone because its a headset styled to look like a Peltor at roughly a tenth of the cost, but they are a decent faithful reproduction of the Peltor. I haven't had the set for a long time but so far its working great. For what it is, its an excellent headset. I’ve had no problems with it so far, the volume control works well and the hearing and transmitting voice is heard clearly. Make sure to get a good PTT adapter not all PTT adapters are created equal and roll with it. You might also want to consider getting a headband wrap and the gel cushions for comfort but the headsets will work without those. I haven't had these long enough to truly claim that there the Baofeng of Headsets but so far there working well.