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Tactical Signals Exploitation: 5-6 AUG North Carolina

Tactical Signals Exploitation: 5-6 AUG North Carolina

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Tacitcal Signals Exploitation (TSE) is taught by Madman Actual, the pseudonym of a former US Army and NSA signals intelligence collection specialist. While it is a separate course from the Brushbeater Signals Intelligence Course, that course is not a prerequisite.

Tactical Signals Exploitation 

TSE is a class designed to bring the reality of partisan fighting in the 21st century to the forefront of the Training Community. Signals Intelligence is collected, analyzed, disseminated, and exploited. TSE will teach you how to complete these tasks simply, effectively, and in a timely manner, the three driving principles for Intelligence Professionals everywhere. Taught with expert knowledge of the Intelligence workflow, TSE will improve the team’s cohesion and skill base for dealing with modern day threats.


Often, teams fall short of knowing the ‘battlefield’ when performing an operation. This can be neighborhood defense against violent looters or it can be counter insurgent activities like many friends are currently involved with overseas, South Africa to name just one. Even in the trenches of Eastern Ukraine, Signals Intelligence is driving operations like it has for decades. TSE will cover every level of conflict and real-world methods of Signals Intelligence collection for each. 


The old adage “repetition is key” holds true so prepare for practical exercises that will require map reading/land navigation, critical thinking, and moving through wooded terrain. Compasses will be provided, however, training with self-owned equipment is recommended. There will be positions during practical exercise for those that are unable to maneuver through the training grounds. Dress for the weather now but prepare for the weather later.


Students will become familiar with the proper equipment, understanding threats to their own communications capabilities, and how to effectively target hostile actors based on their communications footprint.


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