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Type 81 Chest Rig

Type 81 Chest Rig

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The Chinese Chest Rig. Simple, lightweight, rugged, and the preferred tactical gear of militant mountain people standing down first world armies around the globe. It needs no introduction to anyone who had dirt time in Vietnam to the GWOT, watched any documentary, war porn, or looked at Soldier Of Fortune during those decades in between. And a cult following among SF old timers alongside Randall knives and Rolex watches.

The Type 81 rig is an improvement over the older Type 56, which was designed to carry three AK mags and had four small pockets designed for RGD-5 hand grenades. These would become a game changer in Vietnam among MAC-V SOG and later among Soviet Special Operations troops in Afghanistan in the 1980s, ditching their clumsy RD-54 kit for a streamlined fighting rig. Just what you need, nothing that you don't. And when the Type 81 carbine was introduced in China as a replacement for the Type 56, the new four mag design changed the game again.

These are reproduction rigs of the same heavy duck fabric as the original, every bit as functional today as they were then. Whether you're picking one (or a few) up as part of an equipment cache, a plan to equip neighbors, or a base model to modify and build your own rig, these are a perfect piece of kit at a price that cannot be beat.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Type 81 chest rig

    Ordered two of these for backups stored in different locations. Main reason is that these are very quiet to use and retains the magazines well. Whatever the source BB Store is for these, the product is better than Bezos source. And yeah, I would recommend one have a few.

    Sam Brady
    exactly as advertised

    I bought the 81 chest rig as a back up to the one I currently run ... The one I received from Brushbeater was of excellent quality and money well spent .

    Timothy Goodrich
    Type 81 Chest rig

    Opening the box revealed a well made product and as simple as I was hoping for. Not bulky at all and test fitting of pockets showed a good fit being easy to manipulate with Mechanics brand gloves. Looking forward to the true test soon.

    Richard Parrish
    81 chest rig

    I have used the 3 pocket Chicom rigs for years. This one with 4th pocket is great. A little spray paint and a stencil made it have great camouflage

    Michael Stamm
    Great mag rig!

    Nice and solid rig- everything I needed, nothing I didn’t. Great for tossing into my vehicle with my AR pistol.