Chinese Type 81 Chest Rigs in Stock

Chinese Type 81 Chest Rigs in Stock

I've got a stockpile of Chinese Type 81 AK chest rigs in stock. These are an improvement over the OG Type 56 that held three AK mags. The Type 81 carries 4, or could carry three and fit an AR-152 in there...just saying. But the best part about these is that they're inexpensive - coming in at $29.99, you can certainly buy a few and stash them away for rapidly supplying a neighborhood protection team when the times get bad.

I've been running one as a primary rig for many years now. I've got plenty of other gear, but I keep coming back to the old Type 81 because of its simplicity, low profile and light weight. And for the price, you honestly can't go wrong with have a few on hand. You know, just in case.

My original one I snagged up with a trash bag full of them when we hit an IED factory in Afghanistan (yep, the same ones in the corner of the classroom at the G-Camp) and these are every bit the same build quality we all know and love. Heavy duty cotton duck (think Carhartt and Duluth), simple fasteners and endlessly modifiable for the end user. Its certainly an old school design but one that endures for a reason - it works.

Get yours today.

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