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BNC Gooseneck Antenna

BNC Gooseneck Antenna

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One of the frequent questions I get is how to upgrade the stock antenna on a handheld radio. Whether that's for a higher standard of performance (most often) or in terms of durability when interfacing in a tactical loadout, the stock antenna often leaves much to be desired.

There's many options for upgrades out there and I've seen and used nearly all of them, ranging from expensive Ham-oriented options (that often come up short in terms of durability) or tape-whip tactical antennas that mimic what we used on our Harris Falcon IIIs and MBITRs. We used to break those a lot too...and they wouldn't be my first choice.

The best option that I've found is the Gooseneck antenna - an BNC connector base, a flexible mid section and a rigid antenna section on the top third. It flexes with you when weaved in and out of webbing straps on a chest rig or plate carrier and is structurally very strong when paired with an SMA to BNC adapter.

Its a high performance antenna that will upgrade the transmitting range of any dual band VHF/UHF handheld radio regardless of brand and the one I personally use.


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    Brushbeater has the best practical coms items and guides. This antenna is no exception to his high standards.

    Aaron Tarsa
    BNC Gooseneck Antenna

    The antenna is definitely more rubust, but that results in more weight. The bottom line is it seems to give me more range and I like stuff that's tough and works well.


    I received nothing that was shown on the pictures or advertised. I got a Chinese mock ooff that dosent even look anything like the picture or fit on the radio without an adapter

    Zane Fischer

    Fit and finish horrible. Antenna rattles around at connection. Horrible tx and rx


    Worked as described