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Citizen's Band. It evokes a Smokey and the Bandit and Breaker Breaker... but is it still relevant? Well, the QYT CB-58 certainly suggests it is. Aside from being in the most common frequency range in the US, its built quality makes it an absolute beast. With a BNC antenna connector it's easy to rig home brew antennas like we build in the RTO Course. Best part? Its got the same two prong Kenwood plug that the Baofengs have - meaning all of the same accessories work.

Oh and I almost forgot - its both AM and FM modes, and since nearly all of the CB radios in the US are AM, you've got a serious degree of security through obscurity. All the better when you're sending data bursts via the techniques in The Guerrilla's Guide to the Baofeng Radio.

Package includes AA battery pack, rechargeable battery, battery charger.

QYT 27MHz CB-58 Radio Standard Handheld 40 Channel  AM/FM CB Radio 4W Handheld Walkie Talkie 26.965-27.405MHz


Power: 4W

Modulation Mode: AM/FM

Frequency Range: 27MHZ(26.965-27.405MHz)

Frequency Tolerance: ±5.0ppm

Input Voltage: 12V

Dimensions(in mm): 165(W) x 67(D) x44(H)


Frequency Control: PLL Synthesizer

Operating Temperature Range: -20°C TO + 55°C

Transmit: 2A MAX

Current Drain: Receive(Squelched 0.3A)  VOL Max(0.8A)

Antenna Connector: UHF,SO-239

Battery Model: WB58L

Battery Capacity:4100mAh Battery Watt Hours: 49.2Wh


Sensitivity: Less than 1uV for 10dB(S+N)/N

Image rejection: 70dB

Adjacent channel rejection: 60 dB

IF frequency: 1st 10.695MHz      2nd  455KHz

Automatic gain control(AGC): less than 10dB change in audio/output for inputs from 10 to 50000uV

Squelch: less than 1uV

Frequency response: 300-3000Hz

Main Feature:

▲40 Channel Multiband CB

(Incorporates 40UK/40EU channels plus other European and North American frequency bands)

▲TFT LCD Display

▲8 Optional Channels




▲Automatic Squelch function

▲Squelch level adjustable

▲Receive gain control adjustment

▲Editable channel scan

▲Shortcut channel 9/19

▲NB/ANL wave filter

▲Audio high frequency cancellation

▲Keyboard Lock


▲Power output: 4Watt/FM/AM

▲Transmission interference: inferior to 4nW(-54dBm)

▲Frequency response: 300-3000Hz

▲Modulated signal distortion: inferior to 5%

▲Output impedance: 50 ohms


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Mike thompson

    I'm still reading your book Guerillas Guide, haven't had time to play with the cb. Busier than a one armed paper hanger in a wind storm. God bless you and thank you. Mike

    Mickey Larson

    Wonderfull business

    Charlie Parker
    Alternative Comms

    This is the best alternative for a Citizens Band Radio. Well worth what it costs. Very rugged and easy to use. Font size and screen is easy to see. BNC antenna adapter and two pin Kenwood / Baofeng PTT makes it easy to use. I have a roof mount magnetic antenna for my truck as well as a base antenna at my house that expand the range for monitoring local truckers.

    Captain Morgan
    QYT CB-58

    I am in the process of acquiring items we learned about in the Basic RTO course. I am sharing the comms knowledge with our group of old geezers who are becoming interested in sustainable communications. I particularly like the Frequency mode/channel mode option on this unit. I also like the versatility of using it with the jungle antenna. You folks are doing a great job and provide a fine service to the community. thank you, Kevin


    Great radio!